Friday, December 30, 2011

I Will Say "Bravo" in 2012

2011 has been filled with lots of "firsts" as well as things that give us happiness year after year.

Happy New Year Everyone!

January 2nd, Ryan's 9th Birthday.

The Girl Scouts' father daughter dance.

February, 2011 Timmy and Ryan met Michael Oher from the Baltimore Ravens. Ryan's favorite movie is The Blind Side.

February 25th, We lost my dad. This was my first birthday.

March 1st, Molly turns seven.

Timmy's All-Star basketball team won the championship.

March 24th, Shannon turns 13!

Animal Fair

Molly's first lost tooth.

April 3rd, Timmy turns 11.

Spring Break, It was Shannon and Molly that caught the big fish!

May, Molly bridging up to a Brownie.

May, the big first grade trip to New York with just Molly and Mommy. Molly got to meet Mary Poppins after the show.

American Girl Store.

June, The Sanders Corner Chess Tournament.

June, Molly's dance recital.

Timmy's Fifth grade graduation.

Swim team starts.

The Annual Nealon Poconos trip. The fish didn't have a chance.

July, Molly's horseback riding camp. This is where it all began.

Swim team ends.

Derek Jeter made his 3000th hit.

July, Our annual summer trip to Grandma in the Red House.

August, Charleston, SC.

Even Charleston likes Derek Jeter.

Our Annual Labor Day Block Party.

August 29th, First day of school and first day of middle school for Timmy.

First day of fourth grade and second grade.

Our first cat, Elizabeth.

Our first Hurricane and Earthquake within a week.

Our first Jeep.

Shannon's first travel soccer team.

First October snow in 32 years.

Molly's first horse show.

My first blog.

Shannon and Molly's first piano recital.

Buddy the Elf got very creative this year.

Our annual trip to NYC on Christmas Eve.

Our Annual Christmas picture.

2011 has been a balance of traditions of things that "we always" do as well as trying out new things. My family gets great happiness from our Annual Nealon Poconos Trip, visiting Grandma in the Red House in the summer, and going to NYC on Christmas Eve. But then I witnessed the enormous pleasure my kids get from trying something new. Things that, at first, they were nervous about but were able to muster up "20 seconds of courage" and I saw great things! Timmy was not going to try-out for the Belmont Basketball team but he gathered up his courage and he made the team! Ryan was asked to practice with Timmy's travel team, boys two years older than him. He wasn't going to do it, but then gathered up some courage, and a bribe from Zinga didn't hurt, and he did it. Even though Molly loves to ride horses now, when it came to her first horse show, she was nervous. She was not going to ride in front of "all those people" but she found the courage and even asked me on the car ride home, when was Miss Debbie going to have another horse show? And then there was the first piano recital and again "all those people." But she got through her piece. She said she missed a note, but I didn't hear a mistake. 

Bravo means brave in Italian. We usually hear this when people perform on stage. What we are really saying to the performers is that they are brave. How brave they are to perform in front of others. How brave they are to take a chance! How brave they are to try something new!

In 2012 I am going to notice the things that "we always" do that brings my family happiness and I'm going to say, "Bravo" when I see them trying something new! 

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