Monday, December 12, 2011

Adding a Little Enhancement to a Monday!

Christmas time with kids... there are so many gifts to buy. I'm not talking about buying for them. I'm talking about all the people that are in my children's lives. There are so many adults that are connected to my children: teachers and teacher aides, scout leaders and piano teachers, soccer coaches and basketball coaches, horseback riding teachers and CCD teachers. They are all a part of my children's lives in some way. And so the question has always been; how do you say thank you to them all at Christmas time without breaking the bank? 

This year, between my 4 children, they have 7 CCD teachers(religious education). Every year I get a small gift card for them to either Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts. I've put them in Christmas cards and gave them to my children to give to their teachers on the last day of CCD before Christmas. But it seems so small and not enough for what they do. 

A couple of week ago, I was surfing the net, one website leads me to another and then another until I came across this great idea a mom had. When she went to Starbucks to buy her gift cards she asked for clean cups. They gave them to her, no problem and she filled them with brown tissue paper to look like coffee and white tissue paper to look like the froth on top. Such a simple idea and yet it changes the whole presentation of a small gift card. And so, I went to Starbucks for my annual visit (I'm not a coffee drinker myself) and bought my gift cards and asked for seven empty cups. I thought to myself that the cups needed to be weighed down. I thought of another gift idea I had done with tootsie rolls and mints and I came up with my gift. My simple, small gift cards have been enhanced.

Another enhancement for this Monday was a craft with Molly. I had seen this idea on a mommy blog and thought of her. We were going to do one this weekend but then one thing lead to another and before I knew the weekend was over. So today, I was going to plan on doing a craft. Most kids don't like Monday, but mine really don't like them because they have CCD on Mondays and it just makes for a really long day. So I had her craft ready for her when she walked in the door and we finished before it was time to leave. 

A bag of buttons, a piece of felt, and some glue is all that it took to make a seven year-old girl happy on a otherwise dreaded Monday.

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