Monday, December 19, 2011

Hearing a Lesson from a Night Owl

Early bird or night owl? There are two clubs and most people only belong to one. I am in the latter. Last night after the kids were in bed, Chris was downstairs on the computer working on a project, I was upstairs in our room wrapping presents by myself. I popped in a movie, The Family Man, a modern version of It's a Wonderful Life and then wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. It's the last week before Christmas and like everyone else, I have a busy schedule.

Monday: buy those last few things and finish the wrapping
Tuesday: prep crafts and activities for two class parties
Wednesday: two class parties and Chris' birthday
Thursday: laundry, clean and pack the car for New York
Friday: The Drive...and that Christmas song is wrong, you know, "From Atlantic to Pacific, gee, the traffic is terrific." It never is! But that's what we do...we go home for the holidays.

But last night when the movie ended (it was 12:36am) my room was quiet. I was still finishing up a few things, writing my "to-do" list for today and then I heard owl. I've heard him before but not for a few months. I read that owls are one of the earliest birds to mate. They mate in January and February and so you might hear them hooing to each other in December looking for their mate. It's such a lonely sound and yet comforting to know that there was someone up with me.

Not only is the owl's heightened senses enable it to see well at night but its hearing is even better than its sight. They are patient, quiet observers. They also are one of the most adaptable birds to their environment. They can be found all over North America, in cold climates as well as warm climates and they can be found in forests, suburban areas, as well as city parks. They are also very protective parents. Words such as knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, intuition, mystery, independent, protection, and bravery are all words associated with the owl.

I want to be like an owl. I want to use my senses to be a patient, quiet observer. I will adapt to what comes my way and protect the ones I love.

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