Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Milestones and The Queen of England

It's been a busy spring. Each day, I sit down to look at my plan book to see what our afternoon is like. I check emails for updated schedule changes, time changes, location changes, or rescheduled games to add to the schedule. I map out times and places of where everyone needs to be. I figure out who needs to be in the car with me because they are the next drop off or who can stay at home for the second run. The back of my car is checked to make sure we have what is needed; baseball gear, basketballs and sneakers, soccer cleats, the right color jersey for the day, an ample supply of water bottles and my folded up sports chair that never leaves my car. I think they should sell minivans with those chairs and they should have their own little compartment for storage because if you have a minivan, then you are probably spending your afternoons and weekends sitting in a chair cheering on your kids to either get a basket, a goal, or a hit.

This weekend was a little different though because it was Molly's First Communion. It was our LAST First Communion. For the past 14 years, every other year we have celebrated a Christening for one of the kids and then we moved into First Communions. Definitely a milestone for me as a mom. I can remember the dates of each of their Christenings and their  Communions. I can remember the family and friends that traveled to celebrate with us. I can remember picking out Shannon's Christening gown and her Communion dress. I can remember Timmy's tiny little outfit and that my Ryan Patrick was Christened on St. Patrick's Day. I can remember Molly's Christening being so hot and trying to sit all the kids on the couch for one of our first complete family pictures. That was not an easy task with a six-year old, a four-year old, a two-year old and then a newborn.

The difference between Molly's First Communion Day and Shannon's six years ago is that six years ago, Shannon's First Communion was all we had on the calendar that day. She is my oldest. Timmy was six, Ryan was four, and Molly was two. Anything that might have been on the schedule, a soccer game or a t-ball game probably was missed for that one week.  It wasn't a big deal. But this time around, Shannon was invited to play with a soccer team 2 levels up. That is a big deal. Timmy's basketball team was playing in a tournament, not just a season game, and Ryan had missed a few baseball games because of basketball and so he wanted to play in his morning baseball game. But now I had help. My brothers were here from New York as well as my mom and her friend Jim. Molly's mass was not until 2:30 so they would all be able to go to their games in the morning and get back in time for Molly's big day. I sat down with my plan book like I do everyday. I checked times and field locations. I google mapped directions to their fields for my brothers and mom. That morning I had Ryan on a baseball diamond, Shannon on a soccer field, and Timmy on the courts. Everyone was where they needed to be while Chris was out picking up cake and food that I had ordered and I was getting things ready in the house and doing Molly's hair and getting her ready for her big day.

As I was standing in my bathroom curling her hair, I could see Molly looking at herself in the mirror. She then looked at me in the mirror and said, "You know mom, I really don't like my hair with curls anymore. I prefer it straight." 

"But, this is a special day and you look so pretty with the curls," I replied.

She looked at me through the mirror, with her lips pursed together and her head tilted to the side with a look of, "Really Mom!!!" 

I looked right back at her and said in my best, quiet and persuasive mommy voice, "Listen, this is probably the very last time that I will do your hair this way. You are getting older, so this is it. Can you please let me put the curls in your hair one last time?"

"Okay, mama. You can do last time." 

Oh, how this little girl melts my heart! So I finished up with her hair, bobby pinned her head piece in place, hot glued the bow that fell off, pulled on her tights and slipped her into the dress that Shannon wore six years ago. Molly looked at herself in the mirror, twirling around to see the back, holding up the sides of her dress to get a better look, her chin almost over her shoulder trying to see every angle, and as she is looking at herself she asks me, "Do you think I will ever meet the Queen of England?"

"Well, probably not but you never know," I answer.

Still looking at herself in the mirror with her hands holding onto the sides of her dress, swaying it back and forth she says, "Well, if I ever do get the chance to meet the Queen of England, this is the dress that I would wear." And with that, she curtsied and bowed her head.

I've always said that Molly was an "old soul." I think that in a previous life she was a little girl in the English countryside. Molly has said things like, "Oh, mama, isn't the snow ever so lovely," and other phrases that just don't sound like a girl from Ashburn, Virginia. Molly came home last week from school with the Cotillion sign-up flyer and was so excited to show me. She wants me to sign her up for Cotillion. I'm not sure if our crazy schedule will allow another activity, but for this one day, I think Molly felt like a princess.

Love the second grade toothy smile.

Grandma in the Red House

Molly was standing over the vent and was having a Marilyn Monroe moment.

More her curls.

Thanks to my sister-in-law that took some great family shots.

This is one of my favorite pictures. I have no idea what we were talking about or what she thought was so funny.

Aunt Kathleen

Grandma in the Yellow House

So another milestone has come and gone. Family gathered, stories were told, food was prepared, desserts were eaten and new memories were made, all to celebrate this little girl. And who knows, one day she may even meet the Queen of England.

Molly and I did a quick run to the Giant and look what she found! "Mama, if I ever did meet the Queen, I think she would be most delighted with my manners." Yes, I think Molly was a little English girl in a previous life.

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