Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today was "Someday"

Every Tuesday, Molly, Ryan, and I drive down Sycolin Road to go to Molly's horseback riding lesson. Ever since they have paved it a couple of years ago, I have become more and more familiar with it, the hills, the turns, the open field, and some of the trees. There is one huge, old tree on the side of the road opposite the open field. It is the perfect climbing tree, big, thick, low branches that seem to be perfectly placed so one could work their way up to the top. Every time I drive by it I can envision my boys using their strong arms and legs to get from one branch and then the next. There is another tree that I've also noticed as you come into Leesburg, just past the airport. There is a small open field on the right side and that is where a tree stands with a tire swing. Every week we drive by this tree. There are times when I sit at the stop light and wonder; Who's tree was this? Who put the tire swing up there? It looks so out of place, this big, old tree on the side of the road with a tire swing. I don't see a house or a building nearby. This big, old tree with a tire swing...someday I'm going to stop when I'm not in a rush and take a picture. Every time I drive by I think the same thing. 

There is a great picture book called Someday is Not a Day of the Week. I'm not sure if this book is geared toward the kids or maybe more the parents. A little beaver, Max, is always trying to do something with the grown-ups in his life. They always seem to be too busy with other things and tell Max, "Someday, Max, but not today." But then Max figures out that someday is not a day of the week and that they should go have some fun today!

Well, today was Someday! After dropping Molly off at horseback riding on this glorious 66 degree last day of January, I told Ryan that we were going for a ride. I told him we were going to take a ride to a tree. 

"A tree?!?" he asked. 

"Yes, you know that tree on the side of the road with the tire swing? Well, I always wanted to stop there and take a picture."

Ryan's eyes light up and he's all in! What 10 year old boy wouldn't be?

 A tree, a tire, a rope, and a is good!

This tree was just calling to me, inviting me, welcoming me..."Someone come, someone swing on my swing!"

Pure joy!

What does the world look like from up there?

Can it really be January 31st?

How high can I push this swing?

What does the world look like upside down?

Love this kid!

The shorts and the t-shirt tell me it's warm outside but the long winter shadows tell me that today may only be a short lived gift.

And as we looked around, we found another tire swing...

...and another.

I'm glad today was Someday, because who knows if these trees will still be here much longer. We were only there for 15 minutes, but I hope Ryan remembers this...someday.


A Project Life note...January is over and February is here. I just downloaded my pictures to Shutterfly and placed my order. I can't wait to get my bright orange folder in the mail and start putting together my first month of 2012.

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