Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Life - Update

Yesterday while writing my project life journal cards from the week before, I got a delivery! Ahhhh, a bright orange box with "something special inside." My pictures from December and January had arrived. I've been good about getting my journal cards written but had fallen behind with getting the pictures processed. Today I spent the morning working on January. Hopefully I will get December finished later in the week. 

Page One

Ryan's birthday is January 2nd so we start our new year with a celebration right away. I love the pocket page on the right because sometimes I have more than one picture to represent a day...like a birthday. How do you chose just one picture? I can't. Becky Higgins on her blog said that for the last couple of years she has followed the one picture a day rule for her Project Life album. But she says that this year she is doing one layout for a week so that there may be a day with no picture and then there may be a day with a few pictures. I can't even stick to that. What Project Life has done for me is help me see the everyday things that I missed in the past but I don't hold back putting in those great pictures of those special events either. I don't put in every picture, but if I need more than one picture to tell the story, then I do and isn't that what's all about...telling our stories?

So here is the back page of the six pocket page with more Ryan birthday pictures. All these pictures tell the story of how much he LOVED his Fozzie Bear and Fozzie Bear mug. The story would not be told with only one picture.

Project Life includes filler cards that you can write the dates for each week. You can see mine on the left side with the circles. I don't use them for each week since my layouts don't necessarily represent one week but I do use them occasionally.

I also have been including those extra things that didn't have a home before but I couldn't throw away like Ryan's most improved award for being a great role model. That is worth documenting.

More extras...a thank you note from Shannon's teacher...

and another award for Ryan.

Timmy's first band concert.

One page...one weekend...the boys' closet project.

Sometimes I actually have four pictures to represent four days like here on the left side.

Grandma in the Yellow House always writes a thank note for a thank you note.

8x10 team picture Shannon's coach gave her at her soccer evaluation.

On this day, it wasn't a picture that represented the day the best but a story written by Molly.

Another weekend page...Pirate and Princess dance, awesome chocolate cookies, and a Pinterest craft made for Valentine's Day.

And sometimes you have to do a whole layout that represents just fifteen minutes of the day. This was the day that Ryan and I stopped to take pictures of the tree with the tire swing on Sycolin Road. It was the last day of January, 66 degrees, crystal clear blue sky, shorts and a t-shirt, how do you just put in one picture?

And that's it. January is done and you can see the few journal cards already in for February. All in all, January was a great month.

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