Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Seven Year Old

Molly has asked me a number of times for her own camera. She sees her older sister with her camera phone and she wants to be able to take pictures too. Countless times she has asked me for the camera when we are watching her brothers play a basketball game or her sister play a soccer game. So this weekend I decided to let her have my little Canon Power Shot camera for the day. I told her I had a project for her. Any of my other kids would have rolled their eyes and let out a deep sigh at the sound of the word "project." But not Molly. Enthusiastically she asked what was the project. I told her I wanted her to take pictures of her day. Take pictures of her favorite things. Take pictures of her room. Take pictures of what she likes to do. "You have control of the camera, so go have fun," I told her.

I wasn't sure what she would have at the end of the day but Molly was overjoyed with her assignment and got started right away. First she headed up to her room and took pictures of all of her favorite things. She took pictures of all of her stuffed animal friends, her new lamp, her new pillows on her bed, and her new favorite hat.

Then she moved on to her horses. Molly started taking horseback riding lessons this past summer and absolutely fell in love with it. She had her first horse show at the barn where she rides and got three ribbons. She took a picture. She loves a book series called The Horse Diaries. She took a picture. For Christmas, she got a new stuffed animal horse that she named Patches. She took a picture. 

Then Molly moved on to her favorite books. She pulled out those special ones that she loves to read and some new ones that she hasn't read yet. I love that Priscilla's arms are outstretched. It reminds me of Molly. I love that Molly carefully placed her tickle monster hands with the book and that she even took a picture of the box that the book and tickle hands come in. I love that she took a picture of Molly Moon and The Little House Series books that she hasn't read yet but is excited to read. I love that she thoughtfully placed the two Chicken Butt books corner to corner.

When she was done taking all those pictures, she decided to make her bed. She even took a before and after picture. Great job Molly!

Here's another example of before and after pictures. After Molly cleaned her room, she moved into the basement to clean what we call "The Barbie Room." No boys allowed in this room. This is before she cleaned it.

...And this is after. Another great job, Molly!

 But Molly is not all work. She likes to have a little bit of fun while she cleans. She found a dress-up hat and took pictures. She found the garbage can and took pictures. She set-up her pets in their houses and took pictures.

Molly then gave the camera to Grandma since she was here this weekend. Molly just learned how to do a cartwheel in dance class. She wanted it documented that she could do it.

This weekend, we finally packed the last of the Christmas decorations away. Molly took some shots of the ornaments before they were taken down but then passed the camera to her sister who was up on the ladder.

Molly took a shot looking up at where the tree once stood.

And Molly took a shot looking down at where the tree once stood.

Then it was time for a shower. She took another before and after shot. I think she looks unhappy with the wet hair because she really doesn't like getting all those knots out but I think she did a fantastic job combing out her hair and she was obviously very proud of herself.

And then there is this one. This one is my absolute favorite. Molly is my nature girl. She has a binder in her room where she writes all about nature. While my mom was visiting she was looking at one of my garden books. Molly must of come across it and placed her American Girl camp fire right in front of the book. Can't you just picture yourself sitting in one of those chairs in that beautiful garden with a fire by your feet to keep you warm? I know I can and I think Molly did too.

So give your kids the camera every once in a while and let them document their own life. You may be amazed at how they see their world. I know I was.

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  1. I love this idea...going to wait awhile until Jack is old enough not to break my camera, but it really is a great idea!