Monday, January 2, 2012

A Decade Later

A lot can change in ten years. It happens without you even noticing. Each morning I wake up doesn't seem to be that different than the day before and then I look back at my pictures and remember what my sweet baby used to look like.

Ten years ago: 

I had three kids under the age of four.

I had two in diapers.

I was still teaching.

We still lived in our old house.

I was awake at the crack of weekend sleep-ins.

We watched Barney videos on VHS.

I had a double stroller.

It took an hour just to pack everything we needed just to go to the mall.

I had Cheerios and Goldfish on the floor at any given time.

My house was filled with swings and saucers, pack-n-plays and playsets.

Coming home from the hospital.

Fourth of July in the Poconos.

First Halloween.

First Christmas.

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  1. Very sweet pictures and family history post Kathleen!