Monday, November 4, 2013

Holy Bagumba, We Have Read 118 Books So Far!

The Nealons have read 118 books this year so far. My Goodread goal of 160 books is really a family goal. We keep a list of our books and whenever someone finishes reading a book, it goes on the list. But my Goodread gadget on the side only says 91. This is because some of the books we have read, have been read by more than one person in our family. The book Wonder has been read six times by five people in our family, we count it six times. One for the Murphys has been read by three Nealons, they all count. The Book Thief has been read by two Nealons and a third Nealon is reading it now. But you can only enter a book into Goodreads once. 

I found out that the more I read kidlit and the more that we talk about books, the conversations we have are beginning to change. It is no longer just the mom saying, "I think you should read this book." The conversations are starting to turn. Now I hear, Timmy telling Ryan that he should read Timmy Failure because it was a good book. I have heard Timmy, Ryan, and Molly all tell Chris that he should read Wonder because it was great! This was during a dinner conversation when we were talking about books that you were kind of sad when they were coming to the end because you would have to say good-bye to the characters. Chris had said that he never felt that emotionally attached to a character. Timmy and Ryan both chimed in and agreed that Wonder was a heartprint books, a book that will stay with you, it touched your heart. 

So even though the Nealons might not get to the 160 books on the Goodread gadget, I'm okay with that because my kids are starting to talk to each other about books. My "to-be-read" pile is getting bigger now because my kids have been adding to it. I have been playing around and exploring on Goodreads and discovered that you can make "shelves" for the books that you have read, read alouds, historical fiction, fantasy, self-esteem, friendship, family, the possibilities are endless. 

The Molly and Mommy Mega Mania Miraculous Magical Read Aloud is still going strong. We are on day 37 as we try to read aloud together for 100 days. So far we have finished:

Right now we are reading:

Our next book will be:

This was recommended to Molly by her fourth grade teacher so she is eager to read it.

Other books the Nealons have recently read:

Recommended to Ryan by Timmy.

Recommended to Ryan by a friend at school.

Recommended to Ryan by Timmy...if your readers like The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, they might like this series. The second one doesn't come out until February.

I just finished reading Flora and Ulysses and I think this might be my next read aloud to Molly's class. Loved it! A superhero squirrel, a naturally born cynic girl, a romance novel writing mother, a temporarily blind neighbor, and a quirky father...put them all together and Holy Bagumba, you get a funny, touching, charming story.

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