Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

My kids have been out of school for 18 days. We have been on the go, not just since school let out, but it seems this whole spring our schedule has been crazy. But now we are in the Poconos and things have slowed down a bit. I can take a breather.

Last year, we wrote a summer bucket list together as a family. I had seen the idea somewhere on the internet, maybe a blog or even pinterest. We did not do everything on our list, but I loved having it as a reference. My kids every once in a while would look at it to see what we had already done and what we had yet to do. It kept me focused as a mom. There are so many times that a block of time goes by and I find myself saying, "We should have done that, maybe next summer...maybe next year." But with a bucket list, we made plans to get as much done as we could. We went to the lake in Maryland that Chris had found, we went to a Nats game and to Assateague Island. We made memories.

So we made a Summer Bucket List for 2013...

A: Aquarium

B: bike rides, basketball camp, baseball games, bumper cars, beach, Biltmore Estate

C: eat crabs, cousin sleepovers, Cunningham Falls, catching fireflies

D: Disney, go to Dad's work for the day


F: Fishing, fire pit, farm camp

G: golf, Georgetown

H: Hershey Park

I: ice cream

J: Jekyll Island, Jeep'n

K: Kiawah

L: lobster, Loudoun County Fair

M: Matilda, movie marathons, mussels, Monsters University

N: New York, night walks, Newseum

O: ocean

P: Poconos, pool, plant garden, project life (document our adventures)

Q: meet Queen of England

R: Rainbow Row, read

S: Smoky Mountains, snorkel, smoothies, sun bath, spy museum, Stone Bridge Basketball camp

T: treasure hunt 

V: vacation

W: watermelon, watch fireworks, write (blog)

X: avoid x-rays (so far, so good)

Y: Yellowstone, Yankee game

Z: zoo, zinga, ziplining

So there you have it, the Nealon Summer Bucket List. Eighteen days into summer and we have already done a bunch of stuff. Some of these I know will not be crossed off...say for example, meet the Queen of England, but that one was on our list last year as well, added by Molly. The closest she will get to that this year is her UK sweatshirt we bought in the UK pavilion in Epcot at Disney. We also will not be going to Yellowstone this summer either...but it is on our bucket list, and one of these days, I'm sure we will be able to cross it off the list...someday.

The basketball camp food stash.

 Matilda in New York City.

 Crab at Downtown Disney.

 First Disney ride.

The closest Molly will get to England this year, Epcot, UK pavilion.

Epcot fireworks.

 Pool time at Caribbean Beach Resort.

 Jekell Island, GA

 Biltmore Estate

 Jeep Rides.

Fire pit.

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