Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

This past week, I've spending a lot of time on Amazon searching for books. Molly and I went to the book store yesterday in search of books. I've been reading blog posts and twitter updates in search of books. 

In November, our dear elementary school principal, Mrs. Hwang died in an accident. My neighbor and good friend sent out an email to our immediate neighborhood of three cul de sacs for donations for flowers or to make a donation in her name. After many emails going back and forth, there was a consensus that the money should go toward something a bit longer lasting than flowers and to something that was dear to Mrs. Hwang's heart, books. So I've been working with our school librarian and searching in bookstores and online for books for our neighborhood donation to the school library. It's still a work in progress, but once it's finalized, I'll post the book titles.

In the meanwhile, the Nealons are reading:

I read this in the car while Molly was at horseback riding lessons. This would be a great read aloud for second and third graders.

I hope to finish Capture the Flag today or tomorrow and pass it on to Timmy or Ryan. It reminds me of the National Treasure movies. There is a national treasure that is stolen, the Star-Spangled Banner Flag, there is a secret society, but it is kids that are stuck in the airport in Washington D.C. that are trying to solve the mystery.

I'm hoping this to be my next read. I read Moon Over Manifest, also by Clare Vanderpool and loved it.

Timmy is reading:

This picture book was out on my dresser because Ryan was doing a project on Lou Gehrig's Disease. Timmy saw it and asked, "How could he possibly be "the luckiest man," he died young, he couldn't play baseball, how is that lucky? I said, "Read the book." So he did. 

Molly is reading:

Ryan is reading:

This is a reread for Ryan. He read it last year and loved it.

Ryan loves the Muppets and he got these books for Christmas and plans on reading them after The Fourth Stall.

Shannon is reading:

The Nealons have read 7 books toward our goal of 40 books by spring break. I count everything they read. If it's a reread, I count it, if it's a picture book, I count it. It all counts.

I read this article this week as well...something to think about. You can read it here.

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