Sunday, August 26, 2012

...And There Was Great Anticipation

 Molly had great anticipation for this week to finally come because this was the week that she was going to farm camp. Before the summer started a friend on facebook posted that she had gone to this farm with her preschoolers. She posted what a great time her students had as well as the website. I clicked on the link and went to the summer camp link. There was a schedule of a normal camp day. The kids got to choose a chore from mucking the horse stalls, gathering the eggs, milking the goats, feeding the pigs, or working in the garden. Reading and writing were also part of the schedule and they got to choose where they were going to do it. They could sit in the hammock, up in the treehouse or a number of other fun places as well. This was definitely the camp for Molly. She was so excited when I showed her the website. She originally was going to go the first week in August but since our summer schedule was so jammed packed with swim team and basketball and vacations, I still was trying to get a trip to New York in our summer to visit Grandma. So we bumped farm camp to the last week of August. She has been anticipating this camp all summer. 

Anticipation is part of making memories. Being actively engaged in planning out a trip, a party, or a summer full of activities are part of the memories. 

Molly LOVED camp! She would come home and talk about her day and then there was anticipation for the next day. She would plan out what chores and activities she would sign up for the next day that she hadn't done yet. She wanted to make sure she did everything.

Her favorite goat that she got to milk.

She had no fear of handling the chickens.

The treehouse where she read her book and wrote in her journal.

Where they cooked.

On Friday, the last day of camp, Chris was home so we picked up Molly and her friend from camp together in the jeep. It was a nice day so we took the long way home through the town of Waterford. 

When I see old, dilapidated houses like this one, it makes me think of the families that once lived in them and their stories; who were they, what were their lives like, their loves, their struggles, their fears, their ambitions?

I don't think this cow was suppose to be there.

A happy girl that had a great week at camp.

We had a few knots to get out when we got home.

As I write this, it is the last day of summer vacation. Tomorrow, the kids will be going back to school and there is anticipation once again. Anticipation of what high school will be like for Shannon, anticipation of which teachers will be his favorite for Timmy, anticipation of the last year of elementary school for Ryan, and anticipation of the third grade animal fair for Molly.

Today they anticipate, tomorrow they will participate.

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