Wednesday, June 27, 2012

14 Nealons and a Treetop Adventure

So yesterday it was quite chilly and windy in the Pocono Mountains. Our lake, lunch, pool schedule was not going to do. We sat around the table after breakfast and tried to come up with a plan. Going to the movies to see Madagascar 2 was one suggestion which seemed to be an okay idea but then I think it was my brother-in-law that had a brochure for Camelback, which is one of the ski mountains here. During the summer months they have the water slides...that was not going to be an option as we sat around in our sweatshirts, but then they also have treetops adventures. That is what we were going to do on this beautiful but chilly day in the Poconos. 

14 Nealons piled into two cars and we were on our way. 

We had to split up for our treetop adventure. Molly and Mikey weren't quite tall enough for the bigger course. You had to be able to reach 5'11" with your hands over your head in order to be able to fasten and unfasten the safety clips. So Chris, Laura, and I stayed with Molly and Mikey and the rest of the Nealon gang headed to the big course.

Love this picture of Molly...another picture of her with her arms outstretched, loving life, and ready for a new adventure.

Mikey thinking about his next move.

The safety clips were not an easy thing to master for their little fingers but they did get faster with each new section when they had to clip and unclip themselves.

Mission accomplished! 

This was the safety demo where the kids learned to clip and unclip themselves and attach themselves to the zipline.

Molly and Mikey were finished before the big kids, so we went to Friendly's for lunch and ice cream.

Another Nealon memory was made. The memories that we make today, are the stories that our kids will tell tomorrow.

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