Monday, April 16, 2012

Molly's Room, Pinterest, Etsy, and Lots of Inspiration

This was Molly's room back in July of 2010. My little girl loves clothes and two years ago she wore a dress to school everyday...everyday! There was a time that she didn't even own a pair of jeans because she really just didn't like the way they felt. Molly loved clothes so much, that there were days that she changed two, three, and sometimes four times a day. And that is why her room looked like this. Her closet was not built for a six year old.

The hanger rod was too high. Molly was able to pull her clothes down but when it was time to hang them back up, she couldn't reach the rod. You can see attempts of me trying to keep her organized with the bins on the bottom and the bins on the shelf, but it wasn't enough.

So we decided to reorganize her closet so that it would be more user friendly to a little girl. First, we gave it a fresh coat of paint. Molly had so much fun painting her closet.

But this was the fun part for me, organizing the new closet.

Ahhh, so much better. She is now able to reach all her dresses on the bottom rod and she now has bins that she can reach as well.

This is what her room looked like after we were all done. I loved her room. I remember being pregnant with Molly eight years ago and sitting on the floor with my big belly putting up the wall paper on the bottom of the chair rail...whimsical pink and green diamonds with cute purple flowers. Molly's room is small but when it was clean, it really was cute. Even though I decorated the room before Molly was born, Molly's favorite color turned out to be pink. Her closet was filled with pink dresses. But then one day she decided that pink was a "little" girl's color and she wanted her room to be painted. All of my kids start to show some independence at about second grade. They start to have their own opinions as to what they like and don't like. They also start to think about what others think, friends tell them that you can't wear Gymboree anymore because it's for babies, you should only wear certain kinds of sneakers or boots, and pink is for "little" girls.

So we began the long and tedious task of scrapping off her pink and green diamond wallpaper. When we were finally done, I think Molly was a little sad. I think she was missing it. I know she wanted a change but deep down, I think in her heart, she will always be a "pink" girl. I told her we would have some pink in her new room, but it would be hot pink instead of the "little" girl pink. Molly and I found some inspiration on Pinterest for colors as well as decorating ideas.

We found this room and Molly fell in love with the color. We had just recently painted the kids' bathroom this color, but she didn't care. This is what she wanted. We also loved all the pictures on the wall, some photos, some sayings, and some just art.

And here's Molly's room all painted. She had picked out the bedding in Bed, Bath and Beyond, notice we still have a little bit of pink to work with. Before, Molly just had a shelf above her bed. This time I wanted to try to create our own picture wall like our inspiration room. So last Monday, we had an extra day of spring break because it was a teacher workday so Molly and I got started on our project.

I found the M and the words at AC Moore, bought some paints that I thought would go with her room and we got started.

We painted a canvas with brown paint and then glued the M onto it. We put some Mod Podge over it and it came out great. We had the stickers from her bedding set. It came with wall stickers to decorate the room but we used them for our project.

We also got some wooden plaques and painted them. Molly had a book from American Girl with mini-posters in it so we picked out some with the colors of her room and used some more Mod Podge.

Nothing is on the wall yet. We were just playing around and rearranging the pictures. Two of the pictures I found on Pinterest as free downloads. I'm still waiting for a couple of prints I ordered on etsy as well, another favorite website of mine. So Molly's room is still a work in progress. So much inspiration out there on Pinterest and Etsy. I also found a great DIY desk for her room on a website for organizing your home. But I will leave that for another post.

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